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Back Pain

Dealing with Back Pain


If your back pain is relentless, and you’re sick and tired of the suffering, reading this report may be the most important thing you’ve done to improve your health and well being, ever.  What your doctor doesn’t know about low back pain will surprise you.


If your medical doctor tells you that your back has been sprained and that cutting back on your activities while taking medication will cure the problem, then you can be certain that he or she may not be the one you should be talking to.  The reason for this is that most medical doctors are unable to diagnose and treat the real cause of low back pain.  Their treatment is likely to be ineffective and will likely result in your never getting better.


Taking drugs just masks the pain; it will never cure your low back pain, and furthermore, even drugs such as aspirin, if taken over a long period of time, can cause damage to your liver, kidneys, and stomach lining.  And, masking the pain just prevents you from curing the underlying source of the pain, which allows the problem to become progressively worse over time.


Before you accept your medical doctor’s recommendation to have back surgery, check the alternative.  A group of university scientists performed a double blind study in which one group received the traditional treatment with drugs, while another group were treated by a different method–one without drugs or surgery.  While both groups reported they felt better, there was a big difference in the outcome for one of the groups.


After the treatments were discontinued, the pain returned to the first group after about one month, while the second group–the group which received chiropractic care, reported that they were pain free.


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